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MagiClip Clip On-Off Extensions are a high quality product designed in Norway by Bobbys. These are clip on-off hair extensions that are attached quickly and easily with buckles. Can be used alone or in addition to a MINI package. Our full packet has 4 full rows of hair (instead of 7 or 8), which makes it easier for you to attach them exactly where you want. You can attach the hair in a few minutes, and it can be taken off again just as quickly.

The MagiClip Clip On-Off Extensions from Bobbys are quality assured and made from 100% real Asian hair. Bobbys started making hair extensions 15 years ago because it was difficult to get hold of good enough quality hair. To this day, this hair is still some of the best on the market.

The hair is velvety, smooth and resistant, and it lasts for many months. It comes in various lengths of 40, 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm, and the 40 cm length is ideal for those who want a short, but full head of hair. MagiClip Clip On-Off Extensions 45 cm, comes in 15 different colours.

  1. Section the hair horizontally where you want to place the first row with a rat tail comb.
    Tip! Start at the bottom of the head (closest to the neck) and work your way upwards.
  2. Back comb the hair where you want to place the clip. This will make the clip more secure.
  3. Start with the clip on the side of the weft and place them in the hair one by one.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the next row, above where you placed the previous row. A tip is to keep a thumbs width in between each row.

Quantity: 4 pieces divided in the following sizes:
2 x 24 cm (with 3 clips)
1 x 20 cm (with 3 clips)
1 x 15 cm (with 3 clips)

Weight: 110 g hair

Length: 45 cm

How many packs do I need:
One packet of our 45 cm MagiClip should be enough for a full head of extensions (depends on your definition of fullness and the thickness of your own hair).
For extra fullness you can combine with an additional packet of MagiClip MINI Human Hair Clip-On Off Extensions 50cm

Thank you purchasing from our Bobbys range of human hair extensions. Even though our MagiClip Mini Clip On-Off Extensions are made of 100% human hair, they should be treated with special care. The better your extensions are maintaned, the more gorgeous they will look. By following the steps below, you can prolong the life and maintain the fabulousness of your extensions.

Daily Maintenance:
– Comb through: Before any styling, gently brush through with a paddle brush (or wide toothed comb for curly styles) working from end of the hair to the root.
– Keep your extensions moisturised: By keeping the correct moisture balance, you will be able to hold a good level of manageability. We recommend using styling products containing minimum amounts of alcohol, and use silicone based moisturisers on a daily basis. Moisturising lotions reduce tangles and hydrate the hair without weighing it down. We advise that a few drops of moisturising lotion is applied throughout the day, with emphasis on the ends of the hair (also nape if you are applying permanent extensions).
PLEASE NOTE that excessive product use can create build up on the hair and effect its performance.

Maintenance At Night:
It is recommened that you take off your MagiClip Mini Clip On-Off Extensions at night. During your sleep, the attachment clips can grind on your scalp and may cause damage to your own hair.

Holiday Maintenance:
Hair that is worn in hot climates and worn while swimming in pools and the sea is prone to dehydration and colour change, and will require the highest level of maintenance. Hair sustaining this level of use also has a significantly reduced lifespan, therefore we recommend the hair is deeply conditioned regularly, a moisturising shampoo is used while washing, and a generous amount of moisturising lotion is used on a daily basis.
PLEASE NOTE that we recommend taking off your MagiClip Mini Clip On-Off Extensions before using the pool or swimming in the ocean.

Heat Styling:
Although this is 100% human hair, applying heat shortens its life as it dehydrates the hair. All heated appliances can be used to a recommended temperature of 180°C. Always use a heat protective product on the hair before applying heat and moisture once finished. Do not apply heat directly to the hair excessively, as this can cause shedding. Avoid using hot stove appliances. We recommend that the hair is only heat styled a maximum of once per week.

We recommend that you wash your hair a maximum of once per fortnight, as washing deteriorates the quality of the hair slightly after each wash. Using the wrong shampoo can cause severe damage even after one wash.
1. Gently detangle the hair bg combing through with a paddle brush (or a wide toothed combs for curly styles), working from ends to roots.
2. Run lukewarm water through the hair. Using a mild, sulphate free, highly moisturising shampoo that is pH balanced, gently massage through the hair, squeezing out excess water with your fingers. Work your way down the length of the hair, do not rub or twist it.
PLEASE NOTE: Bobbys do NOT guarantee any other shampoos than those we recommend, with the recommended being: KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo.
3. Rinse the shampoo out thoroughly and follow with a deep moisturising conditioner or treatment. We recommend KeraCare Natural Textures Deep Moisturizing Masque. Leave deep conditioner or masque in the extensions for the specified amount of time on the product (normally between 20-30 minutes, but condition for longer periods the more the hair is worn). Then rinse thoroughly and pat dry the extensions.
4. Spray leave-in conditioner on the hair and leave to air dry.

In order to assist you in having the best products for your extensions, we offer a Extensions Aftercare Pack at a discounted price:

These items are carefully selected by our team after years of testing various products on new and used extensions. These have been selected because of their superior performance and value.

Do NOT use hair dye, toner, tinters, henna, silver shampoo or bleach on your extensions.
Any use of the products above or other products to alter the colour of the extensions will void any right of complaint.

As extensions are considered hygienic products, we only accept returns where the hair is still attached to the packaging. By removing the hair from the packaging, you are voiding your option to return or exchange the extensions. If you have not removed the hair from its packaging, you may follow our normal procedure below:


All items bought through our webshop,, can according to Norwegian law be returned or exchanged within 14 days. However, products need to be in same state as when purchased, which means they can not have been used and have to be packaged in same way, with all packaging intact, as when they were received.


To use your right to exchange or return, fill out the Right of Withdrawal form that you have received in your order confirmation mail and pack this together with the items you wish to return. Send the items back to the following address: Bobbys Hair & Cosmetics, Skippergata 23, 0154 Oslo. At the same time, send us a mail to with which items you are returning, your initial order number and the tracking details of the return parcel.

Once the items are received we will confirm via mail and refund your purchase via the same payment option used when placing the order (Klarna or Vipps). Please note that it might take 2-3 days for the return to be registered.


If you want to exchange, send the item back to us as in the procedure above and order the new item in a separate order.


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MagiClip Human Hair Clip On-Off Extensions 45cm

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