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    This curling cream strengthens and fortifies the hair with a moisturizing baby buttermilk formula. It is a curling cream and a hydrating styling cream that helps smooth edges and detangle hair. It’s the best curl cream, giving moisture without weighing down hair or causing flaky buildup.

    This Baby Buttercreme, a softly scented moisturizer, is a daily moisturizer after Curly Pudding or Curly Meringue. Indeed the best curl cream! It banishes dry hair and adds a plump finish to lifeless curls. Try this curl cream for shinier, healthier locks. Shop other Miss Jessie’s curl styling products.


    This curl cream is perfect for: 2 Strand Twists, Pony Puffs, Braids, Hairline Grooming Creme, Short Naturals, Fades, Growing out Natural Hair, Tight Curly, Kinky, and Transitioners.



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    Honestly, this baby buttermilk formula was created to hydrate and moisturize dry, brittle curls, kinks, and waves without the greasy residue. This daily hair moisturizer is designed with a smart non-greasy formula to lock in moisture and bring superb shine to your curly hair. This also works as an excellent moisturizer for baby hair and will help cut down on frizz.  Miss Jessie’s Baby Buttermilk daily hair moisturizer is a great detangler for knots and kinks. This moisturizer for baby hair also fortifies and moisturizes dull, lifeless curls so you can spend less time worrying about your baby hair and more about taking on the day. This marvelous Baby Buttermilk daily hair moisturizer will smooth out and moisturize your curls, kinks, and waves and give your hair more elasticity and spring. There’s a bounce in this baby’s every buttery ounce.

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    Endelig! En wash n go styler som virkelig fungerer for “TWA” (Teeny Weeny Afro) og kinky krøllete hår! Coily Custard er den aller beste curl styleren for å forvandle tette krusete fros til løse fuktige krøller. Coily Custard for krøllete hår er en glatt emulsjon som dekker hver krusete streng med en dose super fuktighet og glans. Denne naturlige krøllefremmende custard’en forbedrer og definerer krøllemønsteret ditt, reduserer krus og bekjemper krøllkrymping uten å tynge ned håret. Med Coily Custard for krøllete hår kan du nå oppnå den nyvaskede stilen når krøllene dine er skinnende, langstrakte og myke å ta på. Coily Custard er laget spesielt for din strålende krøllekrone.

    ✔️ Ingen petroleum
    ✔️ Ingen parabener
    ✔️ Ingen sulfater
    ✔️ Ingen mineraloljer
    ✔️ Ingen kunstig fargestoffer
    ✔️ Ingen paraffin
    ✔️ Ingen animalske ingredienser
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    Frizz Control Cream

    Need to revitalize your curls? This frizz control cream, Curly Meringuecontains a rich emulsion that will breathe new life into those tresses to create pogo-sticking boingy curls. The first curl treatment is designed for naturally curly, kinky, and wavy hair. Perfect frizz control for curly hair, this product maximizes curl length and makes your curly styles last longer.

    This is a frizz-fighting curl treatment that creates soft, luscious curls that maintain body and volume. Great for making that dream “BIG HAIR” look. Medium hold creme styler. This frizz control for curly hair will coat your strands with a thin film that smooths cuticles and prevents hair from tangling. To combat neck neurosis, healthy curls require love, care, and the right products. A product that helps curls stay hydrated, shiny, and strong 365 days a year. Buttery emulsification of oil, water, and other conditioning ingredients, this frizz control for curly hair works wonders on frizzy curls. It works on all hair types, from wavy to loose waves.

    Great for: Fingerstyling, 2 Strand Twists, Spiral Rod Sets, Relaxed Hair seeking curly styling and Transitioners, Silkeners, and Texturizers.

    Great for: Wavy, Curly, Tight Curly, Kinky, and Transitioners.


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    Den beste “Curl Puddingen” for naturlig hår. Punktum.

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    The ultimate featherweight to all of Miss Jessie’s stylers, Feather Soft Curls creates supple but light curl magic with its super soft styling lotion for curly hair. The name says it all; Feather Soft Curls is a uniquely light hair potion created to provide soft, weightless, feathery, and touchable curls. This curl styler spreads smoothly and feels as light as a feather on your curls. Unlike other products,  this does not weigh your hair down. A styling lotion for curly hair gives shine and definition to your curls while still feeling weightless.  A one-and-done curl lotion that leaves you loving your hair more than ever.

    Best Product for waves! Miss Jessie’s curl lotion is perfect for achieving the voluminous and softly defined curls we all want. No rigid definition, only bouncy healthy-looking curls. This magic comes in a sleek 8.5-fl-oz container that locks the curls, lessens frizz, no crunch, no stringy curls, slight hold, adds shine, and soft, airy curls that look better the next day!


    Miss Jessie’s Feather Soft Curls™ lightweight curl styler is excellent for:

    • Wash & Go Styling
    • Featherweight Curls
    • Leave-In Conditioner
    • Big & Bountiful Curls
    • Light & Smooth Consistency 
    • Non-Sticky Application
    • People Who Seriously Do Not Want Hard Definition, But Instead Want Feather Soft Curls
    • Transitioners
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    Lett “Curl Enhancer” for bølgete hår – perfekt hold uten å tynge!

    ✔️ Ingen petroleum
    ✔️ Ingen gluten
    ✔️ Ingen sulfater
    ✔️ Ingen mineraloljer
    ✔️ Ingen silikoner
    ✔️ Ingen parabener
    ✔️ Ingen paraffin

    ✔️ Ikke testet på dyr    

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    This curl hair jelly is the first of its kind! A crunch-free gel, Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls, delivers defined curls yet is still touchable. Soft to medium hold.

    A notable component of Miss Jessie’s Curl Jelly is Carbomer. Carbomer creates jelly, which defines curls, straightens edges, and smoothes cuticles, making it easier to style your hair however you like. Adding to that soft and fluffy curls is one of our ingredients— Hydrolized Wheat Protein. This component is a fantastic option for restoring damaged hair because it helps strengthen the hair strands. Hydrolized wheat protein is also known for its capacity to fortify tissues and repair lost keratin due to its cystine concentration. So wear that hair like a crown and grab your own Miss Jessie’s curl jelly now!

    Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls is the best product for soft curls because it is specifically designed to leave your curls jelly soft and crunch-free while at the same time giving your soft jelly curls the shine and hold that you love. We made this paraben-free natural curl jelly with you in mind. Avoid bad hair days by adding our curl jelly to your routine. This curl jelly is infused with vitamins and minerals that soften and hold your hair and nourish it from roots to edges. 


    Great for: Wavy, Curly, Tight Curly, Kinky, and Transitioners.

    For Kinky hair textures, best apply a base of Baby Buttercreme with Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls for additional softness.

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    Lett Leave-In Balsam for krøllete hår!

    Perfekt for krøller, bølgete hår, og hår i overgang (“transitioners hair”). 
    Mellomsteg etter vask, men før styling for:

    • Volum
    • Mykt hår
    • Smidig hår

    ✔️ Glycerin
    ✔️ Aloe Barbadensis
    ✔️ Soybean Seed Extract
    ✔️ Pumpkin Seed Extract

    ✔️ Laminiaria Digitata Extract
    ✔️ Spirulina Maxima Extract
    ✔️ Love Love Love

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    Miss Jessie’s has done the impossible, and the wait is finally over! Our Lightweight Curl Cream is the crown jewel of lightweight curling products. The best lightweight curl creamQuick Curls,  is a weightless spiraling crème formulated as a fast-acting; no, fuss styler that gives you fabulous results instantaneously. This curl styling cream is made of a fresh scent conditioning formula that is a marvelous combination of the essence of the ginger flower and hints of lime fruit, which gives you lightweight, frizz-free, and smooth curls quickly. This product is ideal for simple and easy finger-styling relaxed hair; no rods necessary; it is the perfect rescue remedy for botched, overprocessed texturizers. 

    Our curl styling cream is the ideal product for curly girls on the go— Quick Curls from Miss Jessie’s promises to deliver rich, smooth curls without hassle. Made to dry faster than other products, this spiraling cream helps fight frizz, detangle and strengthen your natural hair curls. In addition, this curl styling cream helps promote elasticity and bounce without weighing hair down to ensure that even quickly-set curls stay fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

    Great for: Wavy, Curly, Tight Curly & Transitioners


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