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    Denne Spandex Wrap fra Donna Premium Collection er laget av myk men sterkt spandex materiale og har en bredere borrelås som gir sikrere hold.

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    Spennen har stoffbelegg for å forhindre at kam og børste skal hekte seg fast.

    Hekter seg til parykk hetten med en gang med festespennen.

    Ingen søm er nødvendig.

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    Starlet Lace Front Wig er en ektehårsparykk med naturlig rett hår og en glattet, avrundet bob i en klassisk stil. Den håndlagde blonden (lacen) i front og lace skillet gir en naturlig og realistisk finish til hårlinjen. Den har en justerbar og lett parykkfeste.

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    Det spesielle med denne klassiske, men lange parykken, er at den er rett, men likevel har en naturlig tekstur! Laget av Human Hair Blend av god kvalitet, som gjør at håret både sees og kjennes helt ekte ut, og holder fasongen godt!

    LENGDE: 30″ / 76 cm

    FIBRE: BLANDING – Syntetisk & Human Hair

    FRONT: Lace Front og Lace Parting

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    Pakken inneholder 2 stk strømpehetter til parykker.

    Pustende fiber
    Utrolig lett og stretch fibre
    Holder parykkene på plass uten hårspenner




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    Do better, stop bleaching!
    Redefined your lace wig routine with the Tinted Lace Aerosol Spray!
    Create a natural look and get ready to save time with this fast-drying aerosol spray. Our waterproof formulation of the spray allows to you keep your wig looking seamless and natural for any occasions from gym to vacation in the Caribbean’s. This first to the market product is highly endorsed and loved by influencers for its pigmented and buildable coverage. Our nozzle sprays evenly but provides full coverage so you don’t have to overspray it.

    ❤ [AEROSOL SPRAY] Diverse shades that seamlessly blends in with your natural hair line to make your wig application clean with vivid finish that looks natural. To make sure you get the perfect match to your complexion, you can mix and match our shades for create the color for you.

     [QUICK DRY] Make your wig installation process easier and faster with our quick dry tinted lace spray. It dries quickly with no residues to ensure it is smudge free and transfer proof.

    ❤ [PRESICION] Our tinted lace spray sprays evenly and provides full coverage. No need for excessive spraying as few sprays of tinted lace will cover the entire lace, ready for you to install your wig and seamless blend.

    ❤ [WATERPROOF] To make sure that your wig stay looking natural and fresh, we have focused to developed the waterproof formulation for the spray. So whether you are going out for the night or for long vacation, your wig is going to look naturally blended in for seamless look.

     [CRUELTY FREE] Cruelty free, vegan friendly. Say good bye to bleaching knot and hello to your wig’s new best friend.

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    Our Tinted Lace Mousse is foaming type tint for your wig. This lightweight foam is highly pigmented, providing a natural-looking tint to your lace, perfectly matching your scalp for a flawless finish. The mousse is easy and convenient to use as it comes with built in pump and the use of hair dryer is recommended fort natural result as well as quick application.

    ❤ [MOUSSE] Light weight foaming type mousse that allows you to tinted your wig quick and easily. The foam absorbs into the wigs for the natural shade and secure down your wig as well as your edge for flawless look.

    ❤ [COLOR MATCH] The coloration of the mousse is very highly pigmented to match shade perfectly and realistically. The ultimate mousse to melt your lace with your exact shade effortlessly.

    ❤ [EASY USE] The mousse has built in pump for convenient and easy use. All you need to do is pump the mouse to the desired area and spread evenly for best result. Additional coat can be added for the darker tone.

    ❤ [RECOMMENDATION] For best result and quick result, use hair dyer for fast drying and natural coloration of the lace.

    ❤ [CRUELTY FREE] Cruelty free, vegan friendly. Say good bye to bleaching knot and hello to your wig’s new best friend.

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