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    Dette ultimate “All in One” stylingbladet er allsidig og muliggjør enhver hårklipp med maksimal kreativitet.

    Velg posisjonen din for å endre skjærestilen:

    1. Soft Razor
    – Texturizing
    – Flick & Smack

    2. Optimum Razor
    – Peel Cut
    – Slice Cut

    3. Ultra Razor
    – Soft Cut
    – Twist Cut
    – Layer Cut
    – Point Cut

    Passer Super Cordless, Beretto, Power+ og utvalgte Moser klippere.

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    2pk klippehoder til Wahl klippere.
    #1/2 (1,5mm) og #1 1/2 (4,5mm).
    Perfekt til fading.

    Passer til følgende klippere:
    Super Taper, Cordless Super Taper, Super Taper Chrome, Taper 2000, Icon, Cordless Senior, Magic Clip, Cordless Magic Clip, Legend og Balding.

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  • 29.00kr

    Fits Wahl Super Trimmer and Moser models 1584, 1585, 1590, 1591.

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  • 39.00kr

    Attachment Combs for Clippers – Metal Clip. Suits all Wahl Clippers.

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  • 498.00kr

    Bladsett som passer Wahl Balding med “0-overlap”.

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  • 529.00kr

    Replacement blade for the silver Wahl Beret trimmer.

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  • 19.00kr

    Blade guard for Wahl Artist series clippers; Super Clipper, Power+, Beretto.

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  • 198.00kr

    Wahl Cleaning Spray keeps all blade edges clean and protects against corrison, ensuring that the clipper has a long lifespan. Suitable for all clippers and blades.

    • Keeps all blade sets hygienically clean
    • Resists viruses and bacteria
    • Prevents corrosion for a long blade set service life.

    Keep out of reach of children. Do not get in eyes, on clothing or on skin. Always read the labeling and product information before use. Safety data sheet available on request.
    See ingredients list as some ingredients may produce an allergic reaction.

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