As I Am Born Curly

Formulated for Babies and Children, with hair types 3 & 4. Infused with extra moisturizing & conditioning properties to suit your Children’s needs.
Pure & Gentle Formulas.
Vegan. Cruelty Free. Paraben Free. PEG Free. Phthalate Free. Talc Free.
Degradable & Recyclable Packaging.

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  • 169.00kr

    Non-Foaming & Sulfate-Free.
    Gently Cleanses and Maintains Moisture Balance.
    Born Curly Avocado Shea Cowash effectively cleanses without reducing natural moisture. Gentle for daily use.
    Highly recommended for hair that tends to look and feel dry, or when enhanced manageability and balanced hydration is desired.Great for hair types 3 & 4.

    Improves Hair Moisture level by 10% After One Use.
    107% Improvement in Scalp Hydration.
    Improves Scalp Health by 9% After One Use.
    99% Cleansing Efficacy.

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  • 229.00kr

    Imparts Shine to Hair, Smoothes and Moisturizes Dry Scalp.


    Improves Scalp Moisture by 112.5%.
    This Gentle Formula is 99% effective in Cleansing.
    Improves Scalp Health by 10% after ONE WASH.
    Increases Sheen by 21.2%.

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  • 229.00kr

    Contains Argan Oil and Calendula Extract that improves moisture, shine and manageability. It wonderously eases combing following a shampoo, which helps keep hair strong and healthy by minimizing combing breakage.


    • Improves Moisture by 14%.
    • Ease of Combing Improved by 43%.
    • Improves Detangling by 53%.
    • 89% Reduction in Hair breakage.
    • Increase in Hair Strength by 6% in as little as ONE application.
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  • 229.00kr

    Curl Defining Jelly beautifully defines curly textures. Smoothes the natural curl formation and with just the right level of hold. Provides long-lasting definition and great shine. Non-flaking when used as directed.


    • Improves Hair Moisture by 18%.
    • Firms the Curls and Improves Durability by 209%.


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